Confindustria Ceramica


In the field of industrial relations, Confindustria Ceramica represents its member companies in Italy and worldwide and coordinates their initiatives. For this purpose, it has signed a Collective National Labour Contract for the sector with the relevant trade unions. This contract is the key document governing all relations between companies and employees working in factories or offices.

The association also liaises extensively with trade unions in order to support its member companies in collective and individual company-level bargaining and offers guidance on labour and human resource management issues.
Its efforts extend to all aspects of employment and include helping member companies adapt their organisational and productive structures to the requirements of the new economy and internationalisation.

The association also publishes surveys and statistical reports on employment and labour costs, which provide useful information for studying changes to production facilities and pay policies.

Confindustria Ceramica offers its members guidance on the subject of safety in the workplace. This includes conducting reports and surveys on accident prevention in ceramic factories; promoting initiatives by companies and workers to maintain a high level of professionalism in terms of human resource, one of the key strengths of the Italian tile industry; publishing guidelines to help young people in choosing the most suitable careers in all segments of the ceramic industry.

The Association also supports companies in dealing with legal and contractual issues concerning commercial agency relationships. This is an aspect of the utmost importance both in Italy (where it is a widely used form of distribution) and internationally (in view of the ceramic sector’s strong export propensity). One example of its activities is to provide members with model contracts that take account of the specific and rapidly-changing requirements typical of commercial and distribution activities.