Confindustria Ceramica


Ceramics of Italy: companies

Ceramics of Italy is the collective and sectorial brand that represents and promotes the Italian ceramic companies (tiles, sanitaryware and ceramic for ornamental use) all around the world. For more than 40 years it has promoted the image and contents of the Italian ceramic industry on foreign markets: Ceramics of Italy synthesizes tradition, quality, innovation and creativity. This brand protects and promote companies associated to Confindustria Ceramica during fairs, promotional, seminars, B2B meetings and advertising campaigns, institutional participation in commercial and cultural initiatives and it tend to strengthen the action of individual companies on international markets.

Ceramics of Italy represents a new value of ceramic tile in Italy and abroad: a reference point for style and creativity for the development of a new culture of living Made in Italy. Ceramics of Italy: a high design capable of qualifying living spaces, the result of modern technologies that produce with the maximum respect for the environment, with great attention to safety in the workplace, constantly seeking to optimize the resources used, according to the highest performance standards and to the sustainability. Made in Italy, environmentally conscious.

Ceramics of Italy, promoted by Confindustria Ceramica, is a registered trademark of Edi.Cer. Spa, the organizer of Cersaie.