Confindustria Ceramica

Confindustria Ceramica Network

The Italian ceramic industry’s leadership role is founded, amongst other things, on the efficiency and competitiveness of its constituent companies. In turn, these factors are the result of a closely-knit network of relationships, shareholdings and strategic agreements with national and international organisations and companies, all of which have the aim of improving the competitiveness of industrial factors.

Confindustria Ceramica coordinates relations with the organisations responsible for drawing up technical standards for ceramic production and with the bodies that certify the quality of ceramic products. It maintains contacts with universities throughout Italy and with research centres to assure constant innovation of ceramic products and production processes. It also conducts continuous training and specialisation activities for school-leavers and graduates and for newly employed personnel through courses held by the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia, the Centro Ceramico in Bologna, IFOA and Cerform.
Safety in the workplace and trade union and welfare protection for sector employees are equally important aspects for the industry as a whole. For this purpose, the Association has organised FonceR, a supplementary pension scheme for ceramic industry employees designed to complement the contributions of public and private bodies.

The Association supports companies in the procurement of energy resources through CerEnergia, a consortium specially set up to offer companies major competitive advantages.

Confindustria Ceramica’s intense promotional efforts are crucial in consolidating the Italian ceramic industry’s recognised world leadership position. Its activities include organising Cersaie – the most important ceramic exhibition held annually in Bologna – and taking part in Coverings, the pre-eminent tradeshow for the sector in the American continent. The Italian ceramic manufacturers are represented at international events and initiatives by the Ceramics of Italy trademark, the institutional image of the Italian ceramic industry and a symbol of the quality and innovation of Italian ceramic tiles.

Confindustria Ceramica is part of the Cerame-Unie confederation, which represents the interests of the European ceramic sector. Cerame-Unie is the confederation of several European federations, each of which represents a single sector of the ceramic sector. The various national trade associations, such as Confindustria Ceramica itself, and / or direct members adhere to these federations. The European federations of which the Association is a member are: CET (ceramic tiles), TBE (bricks), FEPF (tableware), FECS (sanitary ware), PRE (refractory), and EuTeCer (technical ceramics).