Confindustria Ceramica

Association bodies and officers

The Association’s activities are overseen by a highly structured organisation.

The various bodies of Confindustria Ceramica are:

    a) members’ meeting;
    b) board of directors;
    c) chairman;
    d) chairman’s committee;
    e) treasurer;
    f ) board of auditors;
    g) board of arbiters;
    h) advisory committees.

Members’ Meeting
The meeting of member companies is called at least once a year for the purpose of approving the balance sheet and budget. Chaired by the Chairman, it establishes the Association’s general policies and strategies. Every two years it elects the Chairman and Board of Directors. Amongst other things, the Members’ Meeting has the power to make changes to the Association’s articles.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors consists of the current chairman, the 20 board members and the outgoing chairman and is responsible for passing resolutions and performing executive functions. It establishes the association’s programmes of activities and policies and has the power to appoint officers, including the four Vice Chairmen, the Treasurer, the Chairmen of the Advisory Committees and the Association’s representatives in national and international organisations. The Board of Directors draws up the draft budget both for the association and for its controlled companies and makes decisions regarding promotion and participation in initiatives, consortia and companies in accordance with the purposes and objectives delineated by the Members’ Meeting.

The Chairman is the Association’s legal representative in relations with third parties. He/She is elected by the Members’ Meeting and remains in office for two years. He/She is responsible for implementing the resolutions approved by the Members’ Meeting, the Board of Directors and the Chairman’s Committee.

The Chairman’s Committee
The Chairman’s Committee is made up of the Chairman, the four Vice Chairmen, the Treasurer and, if necessary, other specially appointed officers. The Chairman’s Committee is responsible for studying and proposing to the Board of Directors projects and initiatives of interest to the Association, as well as making decisions regarding legal action and the appointment of attorneys.

The Treasurer is appointed by the Board of Directors and is responsible for overseeing the Association’s financial and economic performance in accordance with the directives and resolutions of the Members’ Meeting.

The Board of Auditors
Elected by secret ballot by the Members’ Meeting, the Board of Auditors is responsible for overseeing the Association’s economic management and its financial report. The Board consists of three statutory auditors and two alternate auditors, who remain in office for two years.

The Board of Arbiters
The Arbiters, elected by the Members’ Meeting by secret ballot, are responsible for resolving disputes concerning the interpretation and application of the Association’s Articles. They also resolve organisational disagreements and disputes involving member companies.

Advisory Committees
A number of committees have been set up within the Association with an advisory function, divided up according to area of activity:

    - trade union committee;
    - promotional activities and trade fairs committee;
    - environment and safety committee;
    - statistics and publishing activities committee;
    - transport and raw materials committee;
    - energy committee;
    - technical standards committee;
    - training, educational and university committee;
    - technological research and innovation committee;
    - commercial relations committee.

The Board of Directors appoints a Chairman for each of the committees, who is responsible for coordinating the work of his/her committee.