Confindustria Ceramica


Confindustria Ceramica offers support and consultancy to member companies through a wide range of activities and services in the various areas of interest for the sector. These include training, industrial relations, tax legislation, financing, and support with legal issues and trade union relations.

The Association publishes statistical surveys and reports on the state of the market, studies on the environment, energy, transport, safety and technical standards, and product quality certification. In the area of promotion and international trade, Confindustria Ceramica coordinates its member companies’ participation in major exhibitions and events in order to boost the image and diffusion of Italian ceramic products worldwide. It also conducts a broad-based communication activity through a range of purpose-designed publishing tools as well as press meetings and interviews.

Companies are kept constantly informed about the initiatives promoted by the association in its various areas of activity through a sophisticated organisational system based on internal circulars and the latest information technologies.


From the 1st of January 2007 Confindustria Ceramica is the association of confederal system, that holds the istitutional representation of the following industrial branches:

- ceramic tiles;

- refractory materials;

- sanitary ceramics:

- porcelain and ceramics for household and ornamental use;

- porcelain and Ceramics for industrial use;

- stoneware ceramic.