Confindustria Ceramica

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles produced in Italy.
There were a total of 133 ceramic tile companies operating in Italy in 2020 with a production of 344.3 million square metres (-14.1%) and a workforce of 18,747 employees. Total sales amounted to 391 million square metres (-3.9%), a volume that was achieved in part by selling products from the finished goods warehouse. Sales in Italy dropped to 73.3 million square metres (-12.2%), while exports saw a smaller fall in volumes (-1.8%) to 317.7 million square metres. The total turnover of Italian tile companies amounted to 5.13 billion euros (-3.9%), of which 4.4 billion euros came from exports (-2.2%; 86% share of turnover) and 720 million euros from sales in Italy.
The first quarter of 2021 also brought positive results, with turnover up 9% compared to 2020 thanks to growth in both the Italian market (+18.9%) and exports (+7.2%). This represents a real improvement of around 7% overall compared to Q1 2019.