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Cersaie renews with BolognaFiere for a four-year period

BolognaFiere and Edi.Cer. spa secured an agreement whereby Cersaie will continue to be held in Bologna for the four-year period 2017-2020

AEGIS against MES to China

bandiera europa

In Brussels we held a press conference AEGIS who took part for the European ceramics industry Alfonso Panzani, Vice President of Cerame - Unie


Italian ceramic industry

Investimenti record a 351,3 milioni di euro, (+22,7%), pari al 6,9% del fatturato. Fatturato supera i 5,1 miliardi di euro (+4,1%). L’internazionalizzazione produttiva vale 792 milioni di euro. Oltre 721,5 milioni di euro il fatturato di ceramica sanitaria, refrattari e stoviglie, con 6.000 addetti

Refractories Sector Safety Manual

Drafted by a Working Group consisting of company experts coordinated by Confindustria Ceramica, the Refractories Sector Safety Manual will become the principal reference resource

Four characters “in search of” four Lezioni d’Autore

Entrepreneurial culture in the next future: not only a challenge, but a growing synergy between industry and the "world of knowledge”