Confindustria Ceramica

Documentation Centre

Housed at the Confindustria Ceramica headquarters, the Italian Ceramic Tile Industry Documentation Centre was set up just over eight years ago and plays an important role in maintaining records of the history, development and growth of the ceramic sector.

The centre consists of a library and museum and is visited regularly by students and researchers who wish to find out more about production processes, products and ceramic product quality.

The museum contains more than 1,000 specimens of ceramic tiles illustrating developments in style and production technology. The exhibited pieces testify to various aspects of product innovation, including art and creativity (with examples of how tiles have evolved in terms of sizes, colours and designs), technology and research (illustrating the continuous process of innovation that is a hallmark of the Italian ceramic industry), and promotion and marketing (essential for consolidation of the Italian tile manufacturers’ world leadership position).

The library contains the most comprehensive documentation on the Italian ceramic tile sector in existence, including manuals, technical publications, surveys and books on ceramic tiles and their usage, production and standards. Through conventions with the Museum System of the province of Modena and the Interprovincial Library System, the available documentation can be consulted by library users anywhere in Italy.