Confindustria Ceramica

11   Gennaio   2019

Concorde Group presents award to 15 students attending the Jacopo Barozzi high school

In memory of its late chairman Ildefonso Tamagnini, for the seventh consecutive year Concorde Group has honoured fifteen high-achieving students who recently completed their studies at the Istituto Tecnico Commerciale Jacopo Barozzi high school in Modena, where Dr Tamagnini taught Banking for several years.
A certificate- and cheque-presentation ceremony was held in the school’s main hall on 27 October in the presence of Dr Tamagnini’s family members, headteacher Lorella Marchesini and representatives of the Concorde Group’s management. The morning’s events included a talk entitled Nudge Marketing given by Chiara Bacilieri, Customer Success Manager at Neosperience.
The Concorde Group’s Board of Directors believe the award to be the best way of honouring the memory of a person who long after the end of his teaching career continued to give advice and set an example to countless young people within the group, helping them integrate into the world of work and achieve professional growth in an industrial environment. The award also serves to emphasise the importance of closer collaboration between the world of education and industry and reflects the attention that Concorde Group has always devoted to this issue.
The fifteen recipients of the award were: Ajderi Ana, Boncompagni Federica, Busacchi Martina, Cavani Chiara, Galeotti Matteo, Garuti Enrico, Ghidini Marco, Morozov Vladislav, Neri Claudia, Nicotera Kevin Daniel, Paronetto Laura, Reggiani Giacomo, Ricci Carola, Ullo Nicoḷ and Zheng Diana.