Confindustria Ceramica

The road system in the tile manufacturing area

For more than twenty years the tile manufacturing area has been in the throes of an infrastructure emergency that seriously penalises the industry.
The industrial and economic growth of the area has not been accompanied by adequate planning and construction of the various infrastructures (roads, railways and logistic equipment) due to decisions (whether or not implemented) and bureaucratic obstacles that have adversely affected the entire ceramic industry.

Strategic routes of communication such as the Campogalliano-Sassuolo link road (connecting the tile manufacturing area with the motorway system) are particularly important for the transport of freight and products destined both for Italy and abroad.

A large number of railway projects are still at a standstill or are under construction. Within the framework of the High Capacity rail project, completion of the rail infrastructures serving the ceramic manufacturing area would allow 50% of the area’s freight to be transported by rail. This would reduce traffic pollution in the area, speed up road transport and consequently improving mobility throughout the area.

Other projects at the planning stage include links via state and provincial roads between various municipalities in the area (Rubiera-Salvaterra, Casinalbo-Fiorano, the “Pedemontana” road between Fiorano and Scandiano) and interconnections between rail structures (Dinazzano-Cittanova).