Confindustria Ceramica

04   Dicembre   2017

24 World Ceramic Tiles Forum in Cina

The 24th World Ceramic Tiles Forum (WCTF) was hosted on 30 November and 1 December in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, China, by the Chinese Building Ceramics Association (CBCSA) and the Xian Yang Research and Design Institute of Ceramics (CNBM). The meetings were held in conjunction with the ISO/TC189 meetings. This edition of the Forum was attended by representatives from Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Spain, Turkey, the US and the European Ceramic Tiles Manufacturers Association (CET).

The Forum provided an opportunity to discuss global trends in the production and consumption of ceramic tiles. In correlation with the increase in consumption of ceramic tiles, worldwide production is estimated to have increased by 85% over the last ten years and by 1% in 2016 compared to 2015. In addition to the global level, each country attending the WCTF offered insight into national general trends in ceramic tiles and the construction sector.

The WCTF discussed further the implementation of the new customs Harmonised System (HS) codes for ceramic tiles which entered into force in January 2017. The new HS customs codes were designed to align the cus-toms codes to the new reality of the market, facilitate classification at customs and im-prove trade statistics. The WCTF reiterated its call for a common approach in the trans-position of HS codes at national level, stress-ing the need to simplify customs codes classification. To achieve this, it is crucial that national and regional customs authorities maintain the sixdigit HS codes without introducing further subdistinctions. WCTF guidelines for the implementation of the new codes are available to WCTF members upon request.

Held in conjunction with ISO/TC189, the Forum looked closely at the latest developments in international standardisation and national regulations relevant to ceramic tiles and more particularly at the sustainability of tiling systems.

The 25th meeting of the WCTF will be hosted in Brazil by ANFACER on 8 and 9 November 2018 in conjunction with the ISO TC 189 meeting.

ABOUT THE WCTF: The WCTF was created in 1994 and is the annual meeting of the ceramic tiles manufacturers worldwide. The WCTF is a platform open to all ceramic tiles manufacturers in the world. Any producer or association of ceramic tiles producers wishing to participate is invited to contact the WCTF secretariat.