Confindustria Ceramica

11   Giugno   2019

Italian ceramics in 2018

The Italian ceramic industry consists of 228 companies with a total 2018 turnover of more than 7 billion euros and over 28,000 employees.
Italian tiles manufactured in Italy generated sales of 5.4 billion euros while exports accounted for 4.5 billion euros

According to the statistical surveys for the Italian ceramic industry presented at the 2019 Confindustria Ceramica Members’ Meeting, there were 228 ceramic tile, sanitaryware, tableware and refractory materials manufacturing companies in business in Italy and abroad in 2018 with a workforce of more than 28,000 people and a total turnover in excess of 7 billion euros. During the extraordinary session of the Meeting, members voted on the merger by incorporation of the Italian Brick and Roof Tile Producers’ Association Andil with Confindustria Ceramica. The resolutions regarding the merger are available for consultation on the private websites of the respective associations.

Ceramic tiles produced in Italy.
In 2018 there were a total of 137 ceramic tile manufacturers operating in Italy with a workforce of 19,692 employees (+0.9%, 177 more than the previous year). Production totalled 415 million square metres (-1.6%) and sales 410.1 million square metres (-2.8%). Italian sales totalled 82.4 million square metres, down 1.6% year-on-year and still less than half of pre-crisis levels, while exports dropped to 327.7 million square metres (-3.1%). This brought the total turnover of ceramic companies operating in Italy to 5.4 billion euros (-3.0%), consisting of 4.5 billion euros from exports (-3.3%, 85% of turnover) and 834 million euros from domestic sales.
In 2018 investments totalled 508.2 million euros (9.4% of annual turnover), bringing total investments over the past five years to more than 2 billion euros. Contributing factors include the Industry 4.0 tax incentives which were exploited effectively by companies in the sector, improvements in competitiveness deriving from the use of more advanced technologies, modernisation of factories and production lines and the consequent improved confidence in the sector’s prospects.

International production on the part of Italian companies.
In 2018 there were a total of 16 Italian-controlled companies operating outside Italy. Owned by 9 Italian ceramic groups, these companies employed 3,151 people and produced 86 million square metres of tiles. Total turnover amounted to 858.9 million euros (-0.4%), consisting of 483.2 million euros from operations in Europe (+2.8% to a 56.3% share) and the rest from sales in North America (375.7 million euros). Around 80% of total turnover was generated by sales in the same market where the factories are located.

Ceramic sanitaryware.  
There were a total of 30 ceramic sanitaryware manufacturers operating in Italy in 2018, including 27 located in the Civita Castellana cluster in the province of Viterbo. The industry employed a total workforce of 2,743 people nationwide and produced 3.9 million pieces. Turnover totalled 336.4 million euros, including exports of 151 million euros (45% of the total).

The refractory materials industry.
The 34 companies producing refractory materials in Italy employed 1,799 people (stable with respect to 2017) and reported a 5.1% increase in volumes and 4.6% growth in sales. Sales in the domestic Italian market accounted for 57% of the total.
Total turnover increased significantly with respect to the previous year (more than 400 million euros), with 6.7% growth in domestic sales and 25.9% growth in exports.

Ceramic tableware.
The 10 industrial-level Italian companies employed a total workforce of 668 people and produced and sold 13,200 tons of finished products (+3.3%). Domestic sales made up 74% of the total. Turnover stood at almost 55 million euros in 2018 (+7.6%), 67% of which was generated in Italy.

The brick and tile sector
Andil is the association representing the Italian brick and tile manufacturers, a sector consisting of 76 companies with 94 factories and 3,500 employees which in 2018 posted turnover of 380 million euros, mainly generated from sales in the domestic Italian market.
Since it was formed in 2010, the Federazione Confindustria Ceramica e Laterizi has been responsible for coordinating activities and certain functions such as energy, sustainability and communication. The merger of Andil with Confindustria Ceramica will create a new and larger organisation representing all the industrial sectors involved in working clay. Italy is currently the only country within the European federation Cerame-Unie with such a comprehensive level of representation.